Welcome! My main gigs right now are being an Associate Professor of Practice in Organizational Leadership & Psychology and being a parent. Generally, I love 80% of my jobs about 80% of the time (which is pretty good). I do research and applied work on Industrial-Organizational Psychology topics (particularly mentoring & cultural intelligence related stuff). I-O has improved my life, and I really want it to do the same for everyone. I like to share potentially useful things, sometimes that includes my thoughts and opinions, more often it includes things I had to figure out for myself that I’m sharing on the off chance it will save someone else, esp. my students or other professors, some time and effort.

Selected Recent-ish Work

Updated: December 2020
Mentee Maximization Jan2020

Mentee Maximization: How to Get the Most from your Mentoring Experiences (for AWARDSS)


If nothing else this pandemic has hopefully shown us how we need to value employee safety and well-being more, including providing better support for all caregivers - because both our economy and the people in it need care to achieve our goals.

Building an Evidence-Basis: Google Docs + APA Citation Support

Stereotype Threat

Reducing Stereotype Threat... in yourself

Activity for my LDRV 401: Leadership in Diverse Environments course


2020 was a year for me to focus on becoming anti-racist and on finding the voices I needed to hear + amplify. It's a life-long journey.
Top 5:Ibram X. Kendi, Ph.D.Jessica Malaty Rivera, MSSharon McMahonAcademics for Black Survival and WellnessBigLittleFeelings

Self Leadership in Zoom (ft. Deven Wisner)