Welcome! My main gigs right now are being an Associate Professor of Practice in Organizational Leadership & Psychology and being a parent. Generally, I love 80% of my jobs about 80% of the time (which is pretty good).  I do research and applied work on Industrial-Organizational Psychology topics (particularly mentoring & cultural intelligence related stuff). I-O has improved my life, and I really want it to do the same for everyone. I like to share potentially useful things, sometimes that includes my thoughts and opinions, more often it includes things I had to figure out for myself that I’m sharing on the off chance it will save someone else, esp. my students or other professors, some time and effort.  

Selected Recent-ish Work

Most are from a while back - I'm doing plenty of things in the interim, just poorly sharing/documenting due to time constraints!

Guiding Ethical Usage of GAI in Classes

As a leadership prof in an applied real-world focused degree, the robots are already here. So we need to figure out how to make them work best for us in an ethical way moving forward.
Mentee Maximization Jan2020

Mentee Maximization: How to Get the Most from your Mentoring Experiences (for AWARDSS-PLUS grant)


If nothing else the emergenc phase of the revent pandemic has hopefully shown us how we need to value employee safety and well-being more, including providing better support for all caregivers - because both our economy and the people in it need care to achieve our goals.

Building an Evidence-Basis: Google Docs + APA Citation Support


2020 especially was a year for me to focus on being anti-racist and on finding the voices I needed to hear + amplify. It's a life-long journey I continue today.
Top 5:Ibram X. Kendi, Ph.D.Jessica Malaty Rivera, MSSharon McMahonAcademics for Black Survival and Wellness

Self Leadership in Zoom (ft. Deven Wisner)