The Not-So-First First Post

Author(s): Brandy Perkl, Ph.D.

Originally posted: October 1, 2014

I've had websites and blogs and all kinds of social media profiles over the years - this is the latest in that long string. I'm creating yet another site because I have things flung here and there across the digital landscape - and no one place to unify them.

Many academics who write online do it one of two ways: in a very professional and correct professorial tone using their own name OR in a personable and frank tone from behind a wall of anonymity. I don't want to do either of those things, I'd like to fall somewhere in the middle. Professors are people too - and all of my favorite and most impactful ones are those who taught me (1) how to be the scientist I wanted to be while showing me (2) how that can be done without becoming an automaton or denying my own individual differences. I don't always succeed at undefined potentially career-damaging goals like this - but I'm going to give it the old college try. (Given how rarely I may post, it might be super easy.)

I also don't have an appropriate platform for certain things I want to share (like reflections on how adorable my tortoises are OR how to leverage Google Apps to make teaching more about teaching and less about d**** minutia).

Hopefully, this will be that place! That great place to share and to learn from those who share back if they choose to do so (Update: Though as of 2020 this is moving to a comment free platform to save money - so it'll have to be through email).

If you want to know more about me + this site or how to contact me, I have details and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Portrait of Brandy A. Brown (now Perkl) in the UA Optical Sciences building as perceived by the brilliant creatives of Fletcher&Co.