Once upon a time, I thought I would have a blog that I kept up with. Then a few years later I thought I would do it again after not managing to keep up with that first one. Rinse and repeat throughout the years. But I do still sometimes need a public space to save some things for later, for reference, for using in multiple classes, etc. so here are the scattered posts that do that. Most are authored by me, but not all, and the ideas in them are definitely not all mine by any means. 

They do not represent the ideas of any of my employers, past, present or future (and also not necessarily those of my future self either! I reserve the right to be a changing and growing person on a daily basis).  

- Dr. BP

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Learn from the past.

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Old posts generally use APA 6 for citations, to the best of internet formatting abilities.
Photos by Daria Shevtsova & Bich Tran from Pexels.