Last Updated: February 2024

The Mentoring + Leadership ColLaboratory

I don't have the space and ability to do as much with this lab work as I used to -  but it's a passion of mine and I am always open to doing more with it or leading students through Independent Study as well. I'm interested in any application of psychology to the workplace, but particularly in mentoring and cultural intelligence related concepts. 

That said, many of my undergraduate students are not looking at future research careers - so I'm happy to mentor lots of other things more suited to career goals as well, like writing cases, creating training/learning resources, and completing practical applied projects based on student interest and community needs, etc.

Volunteer as a Research Assistant

I am always looking for motivated, self-starting people who are interested in learning more about applied research (research meant to help those in the workplace). Typically students volunteer for at least 5 hours per week, and attend a weekly/bi-weekly lab meeting (either in person or virtually) where we discuss current research topics. Research assistants are usually assigned to one study/project.

In addition to gaining foundational research skills, research assistants can learn about career paths, graduate school, and professional development. I make mentorship part of our lab. If you are interested in working in the lab or just hearing more about what we do, email me with information about yourself, including research interests, time availability, year in school, and any questions you might have. 

Past Student Mentees

The final year we 'officially' worked together on University related projects are listed below, and this is for things beyond the regular mentoring I provide to my students in my courses. Many students work with me for many years, come back later, etc. etc. Many of my students go on to found their own companies or mentoring programs etc. where they currently work, to my continued gratification. For all those reasons, this list is in no way comprehensive, it just represents those who did 'extra' projects with my support or who worked on the grant with me.

Currently Working With











Portrait of Brandy A. Brown (now Perkl) in the UA Optical Sciences building as perceived by the brilliant creatives of Fletcher&Co.