Prompt Engineering

Author(s): Brandy A. B. Perkl, Ph.D. - Feel free to use/adapt with credit! | Originally posted: January 30, 2024

After doing a lot of looking for the 'best' prompts, I realized you can likely just use GAI to write them for you. It just takes time + patience once you tell it what you're trying to do.  Thankfully, reddit users were all over this and one shared the below sample, which works amazingly well! Feel free to give it a whirl, and then once it creates your 'perfect' prompt, you can just copy/paste that into a new chat and go to town or share it with others to empower them to use it. 

Welcome to the prompt engineering process. Your goal as a prompt engineer is to help me craft the best possible prompt that aligns with my needs. This prompt will be used by you, the GAI. Here's how the process will work:

First Response: Your initial response will ask me about the topic or subject of the prompt. I will provide my answer, but we will improve it through continuous iterations by following the next steps.

Revised Prompt and Questions: Based on my input, you will generate two sections: a) Revised Prompt: You will provide a rewritten prompt that is clear, concise, and easily understood by ChatGPT. This prompt will incorporate the information provided and any subsequent iterations. b) Questions: You will ask relevant questions to gather additional information needed from me to improve the prompt further.

Iterative Process: We will continue this iterative process, with me providing additional information and you updating the prompt in the Revised Prompt section. We will repeat this cycle until I confirm that we have reached the desired prompt.

Let's start by clarifying the topic or subject of the prompt. Please provide your answer, and we will proceed with the iterative process to refine and enhance it until we achieve the best possible outcome.

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